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MTS Lecture Series: Coordination Between People

February 24, 2014 - 3:00 pm

The spring semester's MTS lecture series focuses on music, movement and cognition. Michael Hove with Harvard Medical School will give a talk on "Visual and Auditory Synchronization."

The talks are at 3 p.m. in Chancellor's Conference Room (KL 232) unless otherwise noted. This semester's lineup features:

  • Feb. 24: Michael Richardson, University of Cincinnati: "Coordination Between People"
  • March 3: Bree Studenka, Utah State University: "Timing and Sensorimotor Coordination"
  • March 10: Ric Ashley, Northwestern University: "Expressive Performance, Musical Communication and Long-term Memory for Music"
  • March 17: John Iversen, UC San Diego: "On the Relation Between Language and Music"
  • March 24: Spring break
  • March 31: Carol Krumhansl, Cornell University: "How Music is Perceived and Remembered"
  • April 7: Joel Snyder, University of Nevada, Las Vegas: "Auditory Stream Segregation"
  • April 14: David Kirsh, UC San Diego: "Insights on Insight and Creativity"
  • April 21: Scott Makeig, Swartz Center, UC San Diego: "Brain Dynamics in Creativity and Musical Expression"
  • April 28: Petr Janata, UC Davis: "Being in the Groove: Brain Mechanisms Underlying Dynamic Cooperativity"

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