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November 21, 2014


UC Merced faculty members say the policy endorses increased community and public engagement.

Message from Leadership

Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Relations Kyle Hoffman shares some of his team's successes from the past year.


This issue of Panorama features a profile of Professor Jennifer Lu, which originally appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of UC Merced Magazine.


Research developments coming from biochemistry Professor Patricia LiWang’s lab and her collaboration with three other universities could have global implications in the war against HIV and AIDS.
Advised by Chinese history Professor Ruth Mostern, Kaiqi Hua is immersed in innovative research within the humanities.
UC Merced provides an excellent research environment for international students to pursue graduate degrees.
The university’s Working Smarter initiative has realized $426 million in cost savings and $238 million in fresh revenue since the program launched four years ago.
The plan authorizes UC to increase tuition by up to 5 percent per year through 2019-20, an amount that could be reduced or eliminated entirely if the state provides sufficient revenue.

Human Resources

Learn more about Human Resources' newest leadership position to be filled, as well as professional development training and more.

Business and Financial Services

Keep up-to-date with BFS news, training and updates.

Survey Says

Based on a recent survey, here's what our grad students have to say about their experiences at UC Merced.


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