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Despite Prop. 64 Passage, Marijuana Use Still Prohibited on UC Property

November 16, 2016

Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, but it’s still prohibited at the University of California.

UC prohibits the use, possession and sale of marijuana — in any form — on all university property, including university-owned and leased buildings, housing and parking lots. Marijuana is also not permitted at university events or while conducting university business.

California voters on Nov. 8 passed Proposition 64 legalizing the use of recreational marijuana among people over the age of 21. Prop. 64 does not change UC policy.

Using and possessing marijuana is still illegal under federal law. The federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug Free Workplace Act require that UC, which receives federal funding, have policies that prohibit marijuana use, possession and distribution on campus and in the workplace.

UC employees and students who violate the university’s policy may face discipline, with a maximum penalty of dismissal.

In addition, UC’s Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy prohibits the use and sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products on all campuses and medical centers.

For more information, visit the webpage on UC’s marijuana and drug policy.