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IT Continues Resource Responsibility with New Eco-Friendly Projectors

March 10, 2015

IT recently installed 35 Panasonic laser projectors, replacing the 8-year-old Sharp models. These new models, which support digital inputs and widescreen resolutions, not only prepare for the transition from analog to digital, but also provide a significant reduction in energy use.

The new projectors use laser light for projection instead of lamps, reducing the amount of potentially harmful waste generated, because traditional projector lamps contain mercury. Laser light also ensures that the image will always remain bright.

The new units use only about half the power of old projectors, supporting the campus’s sustainability efforts.

Another plus: The new Panasonic projectors create a fraction of the heat put out by the current projectors, which will help to ease the strain on UC Merced’s cooling system. In a time when resources management is in focus, IT is doing what it can to go green.