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Summer Session Discount Available to Staff Members

May 10, 2016

Staff members who are considering completing their degrees or taking prerequisite courses for graduate school can take classes through UC Merced’s Summer Session.

Summer Session 2016 offers more than 130 courses in a wide range of subjects. The first session starts May 23, the second June 20 and the third on July 5. The schedule of classes, fee information and additional resources are posted on the Summer Session website.

Summer Session provides an opportunity to take courses when staff members’ work schedules can otherwise make attendance difficult. An added benefit is staff members pay about $300 less to attend Summer Session because they don’t have to pay the following fees:

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Health Services: $50
  • Student Life: $15
  • Recreation: $73
  • Transportation: $87.50 (undergraduate students only)
  • Associated Students: $65.68 for undergraduates and $10 for graduates

The fee reduction for Summer Session is available to UC career employees who have completed their probationary periods. Human Resources uses the same parameters to qualify staff members for the Summer Session discount that are used to apply the staff discount during the regular academic year.

Each applicant must complete and submit an Employee Reduced Fee Enrollment Application to receive the discount and necessary approvals. Contact Human Resources for more information.