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Summer Session Discount for Staff Members

March 4, 2015

UC Merced staff members: If you want to complete your degree or take a prerequisite for graduate school, you might consider enrolling in Summer Session.

Summer Session provides an opportunity to take courses when your work schedule or cost might otherwise make class attendance difficult. More than 100 courses in a wide range of subjects are offered each summer. The first session is scheduled to begin May 26.

To assist you in furthering your education goals, a discount of more than $300 on Summer Session fees is available to UC Merced staff members. Staff members are not required to pay the following fees:

  • Application Fee, $25
  • Health Services, $50
  • Student Life, $15
  • Recreation, $73
  • Transportation, $87.50 (undergraduate students only)
  • Associated Students, $65.68 for undergraduates and $10 for graduates

The exemption from these Summer Session fees is available to UC career employees who have completed their probationary periods. Human Resources uses the same parameters to for the Summer Session discount as for the staff discount during the regular academic year. In order for the discount to be applied, you must complete and submit an Employee Reduced Fee Enrollment Application, along with the necessary approvals.

Please contact Human Resources for more information about reduced fees for staff members. More information regarding Summer Session — including the 2015 schedule of classes, fee information, start and end dates for all three sessions, and other resources — is available at summersession.ucmerced.edu.