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UCOP, UC Merced Updating Online Policies Websites

October 24, 2012

The Office of the President and UC Merced are making changes to their respective policies websites.

UCOP launched a new searchable systemwide Policy Library that serves as a one-stop resource for all UC policies, from academic affairs and human resources, to research administration and student matters. The site has a new URL, http://policy.ucop.edu, and in November, the new site will move to a content management system.

As a result, any hyperlinks to the old site may break.

UCOP is notifying all UC entities to reset those links and bookmarks to the new Policy Library. 

The format for the links on the new site includes a unique tracking number that remains with each specific policy, so even if the policy is revised, the link will remain the same. UCOP plans to post a document that contains the old and new links to help users re-map their hyperlinks.  

Meanwhile, UC Merced is updating its Campus Policies page at policies.ucmerced.edu. The goal is to have the site fully loaded and updated with all policies and organizational charts by the end of the year. Also, work is being done to make the campus’ site searchable by keywords. In the meantime, anyone with questions may contact Sonia Johnston.