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Protective Fence Installation Begins, Offers Canvas for Art

Signage updates passersby regarding the 2020 Project.UC Merced is buzzing with activity as the campus prepares for construction to begin on the 2020 Project.

With groundbreaking set for Oct. 14, the development team is readying the construction site for work to commence on the first stage. This week, Chancellor Dorothy Leland shared a campus update regarding the 2020 Project's implementation plan and other key details. 

Meanwhile, to prepare for the installation of protective fencing around the 2020 Project construction site, the development team started work last week to remove a small number of shrubs and install fence poles along the south side of Scholars Lane next to Little Lake.

During the upcoming week, fence panels will be attached to the poles. While a portion of the fence will border the southern edge of Scholars Lane, the amphitheater will remain accessible. A portion of the South Bowl will remain open and accessible through Nov. 1. For your safety, please be aware of detour signage. Email construction2020@ucmerced.edu with any questions.

Art Fence Project

As the length of the fence is extensive, it presents an opportunity to adorn it with art and images. After the fence is complete, a gallery of 2020 Project renderings and project details will be installed alongside the Scholars Lane portion. Students, faculty and staff members interested in developing art for the future can email Richard Cummings, with the subject line, “Art Fence.”

Build UC Merced, a new feature in Panorama, will assist in keeping faculty and staff members informed of developments, construction advisories and news related to the 2020 Project. The most up-to-date construction can be found on the 2020 Project advisory page or by following the project’s progress on Twitter. More detailed information regarding the project — including an image gallery, construction timeline, maps and more — is also posted on the 2020 Project website.