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Frontiers In Science and Engineering Lecture

April 12, 2014 - 10:00 am

Everyone is invited to the free Frontiers in Science and Engineering lectures. The next event features Professor Chih-Chun Chien, with the School of Natural Sciences, speaking on "Supernovae, Superconductors and Their Atomic Analogues."

The great American physicist Richard Feynman pioneered the concept of simulating complicated physics problems using more controllable “simulators.” This talk provides two interesting examples that simulate supernovae and superconductors.

A supernova is an astronomical phenomenon where a sudden explosion of stellar materials gives rise to a magnificent view in the sky. A superconductor refers to a class of materials that can transport an electric current without energy loss and can repel magnetic fields from its interior.

Surprisingly, the invention of laser cooling and trapping of atoms allows for tabletop demonstrations of those seemingly unrelated phenomena. Through this talk, the audience will see that different physics phenomena can have deep connections and appreciate the beauty of nature from a different angle.

All of the lectures take place at Castle Air Museum, 5050 Santa Fe Drive, Atwater.


Castle Air Museum

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