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MTS Talk Series: YangQuan Chen

February 25, 2013 - 3:00 pm

The Mind, Technology and Society Talk Series, funded by a generous gift from Professors Robert Glushko and Pamela Samuelson, brings to UC Merced world-class scholars and scientists with research interests related to cognitive science. The series aims to promote cognitive science.

There is no cost to attend the talks, and they are open to the general public. The talks are at 3 p.m. Mondays in Classroom and Office Building, Room 110 (unless otherwise specified).

UC Merced Professor YangQuan Chen will deliver "All Connected Via Fractional Calculus" Feb. 25. 

The following is a list of speakers and topics for the spring semester:

March 4 – Jennifer Trueblood (UC Irvine)
"Modeling Human Judgments with Quantum Probability Theory"

March 11 – Stephanie Huette (UC Merced)
"Symbol Grounding in Abstract Language Propositions"

March 18 – Jonathan Wallis (UC Berkeley)
"The Functional Organization of Decision-Making in the Frontal Lobe"

April 1 – Bradley Doll (New York University)
"Corticostriatal Substrates of Confirmation Bias in Human Reinforcement Learning"

April 8 – Vikaas Sohal (UCSF)
"Studies of Microcircuits in the Prefrontal Cortex and their Dysfunction in Psychiatric Disease"

April 15: Mikhail Rabinovich (UC San Diego)
"The Dynamical Principles of Cognition"

April 25 – Helen Neville (University of Oregon)
2013 Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Award Presentation
(5 p.m. Thursday in the Lakireddy Auditorium)

April 29 – Marjorie Solomon (UC Davis)
"Higher Cognition in Autism"

May 6 – Jonathan Schooler (UC Santa Barbara)
"The Wandering Mind"

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