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All Eyes on Spendlove Winner Anita Hill

November 2, 2016

UC Merced's spotlight shone last week on Anita Hill, who raised awareness about sexual harassment when she testified in the 1991 Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee Clarence Thomas. Hill, this year's winner of the Alice and Clifford Spendlove Prize for Social Justice, Diplomacy and Tolerance, was honored and gave remarks at a ceremony in Merced on Friday.

Prior to the ceremony, an op-ed by UC Merced lecturer Mark T. Harris about Hill and her impact on society was published in the Merced Sun-Star and the Fresno Bee. Also before the event, Hill's connection to two local community leaders, Denard Davis and Charles Ogletree, was highlighted in the Merced County Times. The event itself was covered by the Merced Sun-Star and other local outlets.

In other news, Professor Laura Hamilton did an extensive interview about her latest book with Chicago PBS station WTTW, while Deputy University Library Donald Barclay published his fifth article with The Conversation — this one on the shift toward open-access journals in academia. And Professor Justin Yeakel helped get us all into the Halloween spirit by analyzing whether giving Frankenstein's monster a mate would have led to human extinction — research that was covered by the Christian Science Monitor, the Daily Mail and many others.

Top Twitter Mentions

Our most popular Twitter mention was from the Spendlove Prize ceremony honoring Anita Hill. Posted by @LeftSentThis, a UC Berkeley Ph.D. student and nephew of Charles Ogletree, the tweet reflects on the historical significance of the occasion. The tweet had a potential reach of about 40,000 with 46 likes and 7 retweets.

A video clip from #TreatsNBeats, posted by @illZeeWill, reached a potential audience of more than 10,000 with 21 likes and 11 retweets.