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November 28, 2012

UCPath Center Building Revealed

The University of California purchased a building in Riverside to house operations and customer service for the new UCPath Center. The three‐story, 150,000-plus square-foot building was completed in 2008 and is certified gold for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the U.S. Green Building Council.

“This new facility gives UCPath the physical infrastructure it needs to be successful,” said Tony Lo, director of the UCPath Initiative. “With both modern technology and a brand new building, UCPath Center employees will have the tools they need to provide outstanding service to employees at all UC locations for years to come.” 

Approximately 150 employees will work in the UCPath Center when it opens July 1, 2013. By the time the UCPath Center is fully operational in 2014, it will likely employ up to 500 people in operations, customer service, quality management, technology and business operations.

IntelForms: UC Merced’s Swiss Army Knife for Data and Money Collection

IntelForms has undergone a multitude of changes, all to enhance the experience of data and money collection.

Since the creative productivity tool’s inception, about 440 forms have been created, selling 14,400 items and taking in more than $1.7 million. There are more than 140 active IntelForms now meeting the needs of students, faculty, staff and the general public. Demands for a presence within the system are growing in scope and complexity on a daily basis.

IntelForms collect information such as registration, survey, product delivery and/or monetary details (credit cards, E-checks and FAUs), and determines who has access to this information, who can benefit from a product offer and how routing of payments to the correct accounts is achieved. Administrative Computing and Systems’ (ACS) mandate is to be the single point of contact for online purchases. IntelForms was designed to encode this mandate.

Its design -- enabling departments to build forms to their specifications -- is unique, and a model for other campuses. The interface within the tool permits any UC Merced department total control over the “look and feel” of its public presentation. With this one tool, ACS has met the needs of more than 100 diverse requests for revenue-stream products.

Some examples illustrating the scope of problems solved are: 

  • collecting initial UC Ready information from all UC Merced departments;
  • managing ticket sales for a student-sponsored political event with a limit of 300 tickets available;
  • registering attendees for a banquet lunch -- including maintaining a running count of each of three different entrées purchased -- while taking funds for optional corporate sponsorships and donations; 
  • registering child-care professionals planning to attend Merced County’s 2012 Early Educators Conference, which required managing headcounts for each of six events per session, for two sessions (totaling 12 different headcounts and attendance rosters)

For information on IntelForms, or assistance using it to create your own revenue stream or survey, email BFS Support or call extension 2237.

Risky Business

Risk Services is proud to announce “Risky Business,” the campus's first day devoted to risk awareness. Risky Business is a day dedicated to bringing together our campus partners to communicate and collaborate on risk-management issues through a variety of free webinars, workshops, training materials and other tools. Come be a part of this event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 17 in KL 209 and KL 217. Registration for attendees and exhibitors is free. Questions? Email Risk Services.

Payroll Fridays

Payroll Services offers convenient in-person access every Friday in KL 201. A payroll expert is stationed on campus every Friday until 5 p.m. to meet and discuss concerns without having to make a formal appointment. The payroll department can be reached via email at payroll@ucmerced.edu or by calling 228-2PAY (2729) any weekday.

Student Business Services Awards Final EFT Drawing Gift Certificate

To encourage greater Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) participation, Student Business Services (SBS) conducted weekly prize drawings in September and October for students and parents who submitted new EFT Forms** (for PLUS loans). The winner of the final EFT drawing for a $10 Bobcat Bookstore Gift Certificate was Sandra Suarez. Even though the drawings are over, students who opt in to EFT will find themselves reaping other benefits.

When financial aid disburses into student accounts it is applied to fees, but many times it results in a credit balance that UC Merced will refund. Currently, students have the choice of receiving refund payments by EFT or paper check. However, EFT is the more efficient, cost effective option. Advantages include quicker, more convenient access for parents and students to the refund; a more environmentally friendly approach that eliminates paper; and saving hours of staff time that would normally be spent processing and distributing the checks.

EFT Forms are available on the SBS website. From there, click on the Forms tab, followed by EFT Authorization for Students or EFT Authorization for Parents on the left side of the page. Please contact SBS at sbs@ucmerced.edu or 209 228-4114 if you have any questions.

Upcoming Meetings and Training 

Attend the last AO/MSO Meeting of the year in KL 232 on Dec. 4 for campus updates and requirements, and training and support information. The December meeting has an extended agenda and runs from 10 a.m. to noon. Check the Controls and Accountability website for any updates.

  • Familiarize yourself the with the Connexxus travel reservations system and the appropriate procedures for making car, airline or hotel reservations when on University business. Training is from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Dec. 12 in KL 201. Sign up online.
  • Learn how to request reimbursement for travel and entertainment incurred on the job using the Express online system. Register now for the class scheduled for 1-5 p.m. Dec. 12 in KL 201. 
  •  Learn about and gain access to UC Merced’s purchasing system at CatBuy/BruinBuy training Dec. 19. Details are available on the training website