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Call for Spring Supplemental Course Resources, Finding 'Roxanne'

November 18, 2013

Call for Supplemental Course Resources Requests

Do you need supplemental course materials scanned and posted to your UCMCROPS site for spring courses?

Supplemental Course Resources is a service offered by the library to make additional course materials available to your students online through UCMCROPS.  This service includes:
Securing materials when available
Determining if the materials can be made available to students through Fair Use rules
Obtaining copyright permissions if they can be cleared in a reasonable time and for a reasonable cost
Scanning and posting readings to the Resources section of your UCMCROPS site 
Last semester, the library received and fulfilled more than 800 item requests for supplemental course reserves, serving 1,471 students enrolled in 27 courses. In addition to providing links to online materials, we completed 152 new scans and uploaded 473 audio files.
Requests can be submitted online using the SCR Request Form, or by email to scr@ucmerced.edu.  Email requests should include the following information:
  • Your contact information
  • Course name and course number
  • Number of students
  • Full citation(s)
  • Date needed
 Including your course syllabus with your request is also recommended.
Requests submitted on or before Monday, Dec. 2, will be posted to UCMCROPS during the week before 2014 spring classes start. Requests submitted after Monday, Dec. 2, might not be posted until after spring courses begin.
Trick or Treating, Library-Style

The UC Merced Library staff members decided to have a little fun on Halloween and do some trick or treating of their own, library-style.

Library staff members dressed Roxanne – the exhibits mannequin – in disguise to mimic a library student assistant and placed her in different locations throughout the building. We tweeted hints as to her whereabouts and encouraged students to check our Twitter feed for more information. Students could use the library catalog or website to decipher the clues and discover her location. Those who tweeted us a picture or told us where they saw her received candy at the Services Desk.

Feedback was overall positive. Although we might have spooked a few people, most got a kick out of it. Keep an eye out for Roxanne’s next public outing in December and take your picture with her!