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Campus Joins Faculty Development and Diversity Group

November 19, 2014
UC Merced’s Academic Personnel Office is obtaining institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).
Institutional membership comes with the following benefits at no cost to participants:
The Monday Motivator - a weekly email with productivity tips
Access to monthly productivity workshops
Access to monthly guest expert workshops facilitated by faculty development experts from around the country
Access to multi-week courses each term
Access to the NCFDD Career Center
Access to private networking forums
Access to moderated monthly writing challenges
Monthly mentor matches
These NCFDD programs provide online professional development and mentoring to complement our campus’s professional development programs.
The NCFDD is an independent professional development, training and mentoring community of more than 71,000 graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty members, dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers.
The organization offers on-campus workshops, professional development training and intensive mentoring programs.