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Campus Leadership Reorganizes a Number of Units

August 30, 2013
Over the summer break, UC Merced saw a number of organizational changes to administrative units. Some departments shifted to different divisions, while others changed their names, added new offices or expanded their duties.
In messages distributed to faculty and staff, campus leadership said the reorganization efforts will help improve efficiency and provide UC Merced with the structure it needs to address the campus’s rapidly changing size and complexity.
To help new faculty and staff members learn the lay of the land, and for those who missed the change announcements distributed during the summer, Panorama has assembled a recap of notable changes that occurred since June:
  • The Division of Administration is now known as the Division of Business and Administrative Services and is led by Interim Vice Chancellor Michael Reese.  
  • The Division of Planning and Budget, established last fall, expanded on July 1 and includes two new offices: The Office of Physical and Environmental Planning, led by Director Phil Woods. The office prepares and implements land-use plans that support the university’s values regarding architectural character, aesthetics, symbolic image and UC Merced’s physical environment; and the Office of Academic Facilities Planning, which works with campus stakeholders on the planning and design of academic facilities. Steve Rabedeaux is director and the office’s responsibilities include developing facilities with technical specifications necessary for  UC Merced to meet its academic and research mission.  
Woods and Rabedeaux report to Planning and Budget Vice Chancellor Daniel Feitelberg. In addition to the two new offices, the division now includes the Budget Office, Institutional Planning and Analysis, Capital Finance and Space Management and the immediate Office of the Vice Chancellor. On a related note, Capital Finance and Space Management (formerly known as Capital Planning and Space Management) now falls under Planning and Budget.
  • Physical Planning, Design and Construction (PPD&C) is now known as Design and Construction and Tom Lollini remains as the unit’s associate vice chancellor and campus architect. 
  • Elizabeth Whitt joined UC Merced on Aug. 5 as the campus’s new vice provost and dean of undergraduate education. Whitt will work closely with the deans, faculty and staff to promote the academic success of undergraduate students and to create and expand opportunities that address the needs of the student population. Whitt will also oversee general education, the Merritt Writing Program, the Center for Research on Teaching Excellence and undergraduate research opportunities. 
Meanwhile, earlier this month, Interim Vice Chancellor Reese announced a new temporary structure for Business and Financial Services (BFS):
  • Michael R. Riley was appointed UC Merced’s interim controller effective Aug. 19. Before his appointment, Riley served as director of corporate accounting and endowment investment accounting at the Office of the President. A nationwide search for a permanent campus controller has begun.  Riley will oversee the department that has been restructured to provide a clearer focus on customer service and policy, accountability and controls.
  • Policy, Accountability and Controls is headed by Sheryl Ireland, whose director title has been expanded to business partner to better reflect the relationship between BFS and campus units, departments and schools. Ireland’s scope includes risk services and tax controls, financial reporting costing and policy analysis. 
  • Customer service units now include accounting, whose business partner is Director Kim Groesbeck.
  • Business Services Director Cindi Deegan added business partner to her title and her responsibilities now include purchasing, real estate and contracts, student services and payroll services.
  • Contract and Grant Accounting is now part of the Division of Research.
  • The gift and endowment accounting function, previously handled by BFS, was moved to Development and Alumni Relations.
For a visual view of divisions’ and offices’ structures and leadership, visit UC Merced’s campus policies website that includes links to departmental organizational charts