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Dean's Research Featured in National Geographic

September 25, 2012

Dean Mark S. Aldenderfer, of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, is feaured in the current issue of National Geographic for his research in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal.

"Mustang, a former kingdom in north-central Nepal, is home to one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries," reporter Michael Finkel writes. "In this dusty, wind-savaged place, hidden within the Himalaya and deeply cleaved by the Kali Gandaki River—in spots, the gorge dwarfs Arizona’s Grand Canyon—there are an extraordinary number of human-built caves."

Aldendefer and his research team are looking at the migration of people from the Tibetan Plateau into the Himalayas. Researchers are trying to understand the region's complicated history. One question he's is trying to answer is how they adapted to live at high elevations. 

Aldenderfer will deliver a lecture about his research at National Geographic headquarters on Oct. 4. The talk will be recorded and shared online.