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Division Seeks Feedback Via Annual Survey

October 19, 2016

The Division of Business and Administrative Services (BAS) will conduct a survey that asks employees about the quality of service and support that campus members receive from its departments.

Starting Thursday (Oct. 20), staff and faculty members will receive an email from Vice Chancellor Michael Reese via the University of Missouri, which proctors the survey. The email is not spam.

The areas under review for this survey fall under the purview of Campus and Public Safety and the unit seeks feedback regarding its reliability, responsiveness and customer relations. A second wave of survey invitations will be emailed the week of Oct. 24, and the survey closes Nov. 17. Those who receive the survey are encouraged take it and use the opportunity to provide feedback. BAS uses survey results to improve its services.

The division’s survey schedule and previous survey results are posted on the BAS website. For information, email BAS Chief of Staff Sonia Johnston.