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Downtown Campus Center Webcast Available On Demand

February 1, 2017

Staff and faculty members who missed last week’s Downtown Campus Center webcast with Andy Boyd and Jason Martin can view the recording at their convenience.

During the 69-minute webcast, Boyd and Martin provided updates and answered questions from viewers regarding the three-story downtown center. The center will house more than two dozen non-academic departments when construction is completed in early 2018.

During the presentation, Boyd and Martin provided information about the building’s floor plans and interior spaces, where departments will be located, featured facilities and tentative plans for the timing and handling of move-in.

Boyd and Martin said the Downtown Campus Center will help support UC Merced’s vision, and the two referenced the campus’s Vision and Change Alignment map during the webcast. The downtown center project “is a great way to understand how the vision and change alignment map works,” Martin said. “It’s supportive of key vision elements that we have for our campus.”

Locating the center in downtown Merced will assist the campus partner with the greater community while simultaneously improving and streamlining work flows and processes.

Additional information regarding the Downtown Campus Center is available on the Business and Financial Strategic Initiatives website.

Campus leadership will continue to use webcasts, along with other means, to communicate with faculty and staff on issues of importance. Recordings of webcasts conducted last semester are available online. Additional webcasts are planned during Spring 2017, so stay tuned.