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Employee Orientation Program Debuts in June

May 25, 2017

UC Merced’s newest employees will get a different introduction to the campus next month when Human Resources launches its new experiential and participatory orientation program.

As previously reported, New Employee Orientation (NEO) has been overhauled by HR’s talent development team into a three-stage program that includes an introductory e-book and video, a half-day hands-on interactive session and an optional ongoing networking program.

The mission of NEO is to promote a culture of inquiry, discovery and learning with the purpose of engaging and retaining exceptional staff members. Talent Development Manager Rachael Martin said the new NEO redefines expectations for employee engagement in the workplace.

“This is a dramatic shift in focus from how we’ve traditionally welcomed new employees,” Martin said. “Instead of asking what new hires can do for us, we’re helping them to identify their individual strengths so they can align their best selves and the work they do here with the campus vision.”

Each employee will receive access to an e-book and video when completing his or her new-hire process. The video will introduce employees to the experience of working at a world-class research institution, while the e-book offers critical, time-sensitive information and deadlines that apply to them. The first live orientation session will be June 2 in the Chancellor’s Conference Room, KL 232. The hands-on, interactive sessions are mandatory for new employees, and their direct supervisors are invited to participate as well.

On June 16, the first Build Your Network (BYN) session takes place. The monthly two-hour thematic sessions are optional and available for new employees during their first six months on the job. This value-added program focuses on engaging staff throughout the organization by expanding networking and learning opportunities for new employees. Each month, a group of trained staff ambassadors will facilitate discussions along the following themes:

  • Know Your Campus and Your Resources
  • Tips and Tricks: How to Get Things Done
  • UC Merced: Past, Present and Future
  • Contribute to Campus Innovation and Growth
  • Your Role at a Research University
  • Connect to Campus and the Community

“Imagine, if you could, having a network of individuals to support your success early on, to help you learn from the experiences of others so you can quickly become an active, engaged member of the UC Merced community,” Martin said. “That’s what BYN is all about.”

For information on the program, email Martin.