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Honoring Women Who Make a Difference

March 25, 2013

As part of Women's History Month celebrated this month, Women’s Programs in the Office of Student Life honored 36 women during the fourth annual Outstanding Women’s Luncheon. This year's theme, developed by the National Women's History Project, was "Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination."

While Women's Programs coordinated a wide variety of events throughout March, the lunch was the culminating event, celebrating women who are creating positive change by thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo by taking action.

Of the 36 honored, 12 women (noted with an *) were specifically highlighted for making a substantial, positive contribution to the campus community.


  • Susan Bohrer*
  • Pamelyn Gingold*
  • Jennifer Manilay*
  • Vanesha Pravin
  • Daisy Reyes


  • Seema Ahuja*
  • Molly Bechtel
  • Rosa Campos-Rodriguez
  • Fabiola Elizalde
  • Rita Spaur
  • Annette Garcia*
  • Emily Langdon
  • Christina Mayo*
  • Mary Miller
  • Lisa Perry
  • Rena Schneider
  • Rubi Turner
  • Karen Linam


  • Michelle Greenwood*
  • Alexandra Paxton
  • Kristynn Sullivan*
  • Lynn Sullivan*
  • Heather Thompson


  • Leslie Anderson*
  • Kristina Calonge
  • Montserrat "Nahomi" Camarena
  • Kathleen Chung
  • Ruby Dhaliwal
  • Kimberly Giron
  • Alexandra Hamilton*
  • Cherilyn Kasperian
  • Jessica Lopez
  • Amanda Pinhero
  • Stephanie Toledo*
  • Kalia Turner
  • Agnes Wong