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Library Acquires New Technology to Expand Digitizing Capabilities

March 15, 2017

The UC Merced Library recently acquired new equipment that will expand its digitizing services.In an effort to expand and improve its existing digitizing efforts, the UC Merced Library recently acquired a range of new technologies.

The new equipment allows the library to accommodate materials with a larger physical footprint, and optimizes its current digitizing workflows. The new equipment includes a digital transitions RG3040 reprographic system that provides a worktable and camera mount used for digitizing a range of materials.

The library also purchased a pair of digital transition photon lights. The lights provide preservation-grade and spectrally accurate color reproduction, conservation-friendly UV-filtration and operating temperature, and industrial-grade build quality and longevity.

Lastly, the library acquired a camera system with a digital transitions RCAM reprographic camera and a Phase One IQ3 50MP digital back, which will allow the library to produce images of exceptional quality and will greatly increase the potential for overall digitization output.