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Library Sponsors Open Access Initiatives

February 27, 2013

In collaboration with the California Digital Library (CDL), the UC Merced Library is sponsoring two initiatives in support of Open Access publishing. OA publishing makes electronic versions of scholarly papers accessible to readers for free, without any subscriptions or fees.

The UC Merced Open Access Pilot Fund is available to assist scholars who do not have other grant funds available to pay for open access publishing fees. The primary goals of the program are to support UC researchers interested in reshaping the current models of scholarly publishing and to foster greater dissemination of the university’s scholarly output. In addition, we hope to educate and encourage scholars about the importance of controlling their own copyright. Researchers can read more about eligibility for funding and reimbursement procedures on the UC Merced Open Access Fund Pilot web page.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Gold for Gold program offers voucher codes to UC Merced researchers who wish to make articles published in RSC journals open access, without paying the normal article publication fees. Articles must be recent and have been accepted for publication in an RSC journal. Individual researchers will be limited to one voucher; voucher codes must be used before Dec. 31. Apply for a voucher code on the UC Merced Library RSC Gold for Gold Vouchers web page.

Researchers with questions about these initiatives or OA publishing in general should contact Susan Mikkelsen at 209-658-1832.