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Library Student Research Award Winners Announced

March 22, 2013

Congratulations to John Li and Stacey Van, winners of the 2013 Undergraduate Library Research Poster Awards.

The library research competition was held in conjunction with the Office of Research poster competition that took place earlier this month during Research Week. Students who participated in the poster competition had the opportunity to be part of the library competition by submitting their research bibliographies and reflective essays describing how they used library resources to conduct their research projects.

Both Li (poster title "The Theory of Basins of Attraction for Burning Invariant Manifold Theory") and Van (poster title "Nanopatterning Wrinkles into Biodegradable Materials for Aligning Heart Cells") submitted bibliographies and essays that demonstrated in-depth use of library materials and growing understanding of the research process.

This was the second year the library offered awards in conjunction with the campuswide research poster competition. The purpose of the library awards is to honor students who demonstrate a high level of information literacy in their research. Information literacy skills include finding, selecting, evaluating, synthesizing and citing scholarly information sources.

For more information about next year’s competition, email Susan Mikkelsen.