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May 31 Deadline for Career Advancement Mentorship Program

May 25, 2016

Staff members seeking career mentorship, upward mobility or opportunities to excel in their fields have until noon Tuesday, May 31, to apply for UC Merced’s Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP) for 2016-17.

CAMP is a volunteer effort that matches experienced UC Merced mentors with staff members who seek guidance and professional development. The program is sponsored by UC Merced Staff Assembly and Human Resources’ professional development unit.

The program matches mentors and mentees based on their interests and experiences, and provides assistance with goal setting, job satisfaction, job enhancement and lateral or upward mobility. CAMP offers bimonthly workshops and group and individual mentorship opportunities to further advance the professional development goals of UC Merced staff members.

Additional information about the program is available online. Forms to apply as mentees or mentors are online, too. The program starts its third year July 1.

Email questions regarding CAMP to hrtraining@ucmerced.edu.