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Reminder: No Parking on Private Property at Bellevue and Lake Roads

January 23, 2015

Campus police issued a reminder last week that the property at the southwest corner of Bellevue and Lake roads is private, and those who drive to campus are not allowed to park there.

An effort to inform drivers that parking on the unpaved parcel is illegal started in fall 2014 through the use of social media, information fliers and signs. Beginning Monday, Feb. 2, anyone who chooses to be on the property without express written approval of the property owner could be arrested for trespassing (CA Penal Code Sect. 602 [L]). In addition, vehicles parked on the property could be towed at the owner’s expense (CA Vehicle Code Section 22658).

Campus community members are asked to respect the property owner’s request and not park there or enter the property without permission.

Those who have questions about where to park on campus or how to obtain parking permits can contact Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) via email or by calling 209-228-8277.