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Risk Services Reminds Travelers of Security, Protection Benefits

November 17, 2015

The recent tragedy in Paris highlights the need to respond quickly when emergencies occur internationally.

UC Merced’s Risk Services office oversees the coordination of the university’s travel emergency response process. Risk Services can work with departments to help ensure the safety of faculty and staff members and students who are registered in the travel insurance program.

As the holiday season nears, safety concerns continue. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of UC travelers complete their online travel profiles, which contain key emergency contact information. Failing to submit this information could result in communication delays or difficulties in the event of emergencies.

All travel booked using UC Travel Center on Connexxus will automatically be registered. Employees using other booking methods must register their travel plans before departure. Register online at uctrips-insurance.org. Upon registration, employees will receive confirmation of coverage and the toll-free number to call in an emergency.

Travel insurance registration is automatically transmitted to iJET and a welcome email is generated through iJET’s Worldcue system and sent to the traveler. The email includes a link to update and complete an online profile that houses important contact information. Completing the profile in Worldcue is a crucial step in assuring travelers’ safety throughout their trips.

The Worldcue system notifies Risk Services about travelers and their itineraries, providing critical information. It is of utmost importance that travelers complete their travel profiles in iJET/Worldcue upon receipt of their welcome emails, and to also be well-acquainted with UC travel insurance programs.

IJET provides real-time intelligence and alerts designed to keep travelers well-informed throughout their trips. Registered UC travelers will receive direct email notices from iJET/Worldcue regarding political unrest, natural disasters, war activities, health warnings and more.

Risk Services encourages travelers to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety. Our staff members are knowledgeable regarding the travel insurance program and the needed steps to take in case of emergency.

Contact the office with questions about travel insurance benefits: