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Staff Assembly Seeks Feedback, Volunteers for Events

March 15, 2017

UC Merced Staff Assembly logoUC Merced Staff Assembly held its most recent general meeting Feb. 27. Here is a recap of discussed topics:

The Wellness Committee is meeting regularly to discuss developing a new staff wellness program. Several committee members have held wellness and walk-and-talk events where staff members were invited to take a stroll together and share their wellness ideas. In addition, the committee plans to distribute a survey to gather ideas about wellness activities, programs and resources that promote physical, financial, emotional and social wellness.

Colleen McCormick and David Ellington will lead a Wellness Walk and Talk from noon to 12:30 p.m. today (March 15) at The Promenade. Walkers will meet in the lobby area. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes. Staff members interested in participating on the Wellness committee or attending an upcoming meeting can contact Pam Taylor.

Elections for the 2017-18 UC Merced Staff Assembly Executive Board will open soon. Board positions up for election are:

  • Vice president
  • Finance officer
  • Secretary
  • Co-chair for communications (two positions)
  • Co-chair for programs, events and outreach (two positions)
  • Co-chair of fundraising (two positions)

An announcement will be distributed soon with details about the nomination process and deadline. Staff members interested in serving as an executive board membership can contact a current board member or visit the Staff Assembly website.

Staff Appreciation Week, UC Merced’s annual celebration of staff members, is set for May 16-19. This year’s festivities are still in the planning phase, so this is a great time to volunteer for the Staff Appreciation Week committee. Staff members interested in participating on this committee can contact Staff Assembly Co-Chair of Programs, Events and Outreach Priya Lakireddy.

Staff Assembly’s next monthly meeting takes place from noon to 2 p.m. Monday (March 20), in the Granite conference room at Mondo. Staff members who are unable to attend the meeting in person may participate remotely using Zoom: