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Staffer a Longtime Community Advocate

May 14, 2013

Pam Taylor has worked at UC Merced since January 2005, when she was hired to work in Accounting Services. It’s an environment she has found to be interesting, exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding. A Merced native, she remembers the campaign to convince the UC Board of Regents to select Merced as the site for the 10th UC campus.

She recently became an administrative services manager for the Department of Public Safety, which has her helping with fiscal planning, analysis, oversight and much more. Additionally, she’s been busy learning the ins and outs of law enforcement by taking classes and asking lots of questions.

What brought you to the campus?

In 1990, Bob Carpenter spoke to the Merced Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Merced Class 6 (I was a participant of this class) about the prospect of the new UC being built in our community. I became involved with the many citizens of Merced who encouraged the UC Board of Regents to see what a great place Merced would be for this campus. It was very exciting for us as a community when the Regents voted to build this campus in Merced.

In 2002, I went back to school to finish my bachelor of science degree with the hope to one day become an employee here. That dream came true in January 2005. I was raised here in Merced. My family came here when I was in the first grade. I was raised here along with my children and have been a part of the business community for more than 30 years. I am very proud of what UC Merced has brought to our town and happy to be a part of the campus community.

What’s your experience been like?

It has been very interesting, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Exciting to be a part of such a dynamic institution from its infancy. Interesting in that there is so much to do, which means your day is never boring and you’re able to learn new processes. Challenging with so few people to do all the work. Rewarding to be able to see the progress this campus has made over the years and be a very small part of that.

What made you interested in becoming an administrative services manager for the police department? What do you do in this role?

Working for Chief Rita Spaur and with her department was very interesting to me. This department is well respected, and I wanted to be part of the team. Becoming an administrative services manager was a way to combine my eight years in the Accounting Services at UC Merced and 15 years as a banking manager.

As the manager of the administrative division of the department I help the department with fiscal planning, analysis, oversight and control, business operations, marketing strategies as well as general- and law enforcement-specific human resource administration. I also am the executive assistant of the chief of police/emergency director.

What new initiatives/projects/plans are you looking forward to this year?

Going through fiscal closing as a department member and not in the central office. Starting the new fiscal year with a new budget and to continue learning about the UC Merced Department of Public Safety.

Tell us something about yourself that most people on campus wouldn’t know.

I have been involved with outreach in Merced for more than 20 years.