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UC Merced Attends White House Summit

December 2, 2014

Chancellor Dorothy Leland was at the White House this week to report on progress the campus is making in its efforts to support undocumented students, create career pathways to the Silicon Valley and advance other initiatives to help underserved students prepare for and succeed in college.

Leland, who unveiled the six initiatives during the first College Opportunity Summit in January, again joined representatives from other colleges and universities, First Lady Michelle Obama and officials from the National Economic Policy Council and the Department of Education.

“UC Merced is proud to be a part of this prestigious and vitally important effort, and we are even prouder of the steps we have taken as a university to serve our students more effectively,” Leland said. “Every student has his or her own strengths, circumstances and challenges, and our job is to ensure they all have the tools, knowledge and support they need to succeed.”

See the related news release for more information on the campus’s progress and two new commitments made.