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UC Merced Library Launches Open Access Fund Pilot

January 15, 2013

This week, the UC Merced Library launched a pilot fund to support open-access-publishing costs.

Along with all other UC campus libraries, UC Merced is partnering with the California Digital Library (CDL) to assist scholars who do not have other grant funds available to pay for open-access-publishing fees. The program’s primary goals are to support UC researchers interested in reshaping the current models of scholarly publishing and foster greater dissemination of the university’s scholarly output. In addition, the library hopes to educate and encourage scholars about the importance of controlling their own copyrights.

UC Merced authors -- faculty, lecturers, librarians, post-docs and currently enrolled graduate students -- are eligible to apply for funds. Priority will be given to articles with multiple authors from UC Merced and those that represent collaborative or interdisciplinary research. Authors with grant funds that can be used for open-access-charges are not eligible, and only articles published in the Directory of Open Access Journals will be funded. Articles with publication dates before Nov. 1, 2012, are not eligible.

Submit an application for funding or learn more about the program here, or contact Susan Mikkelsen, 658-1832.