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UC Press Supports Open-Access Publishing

May 6, 2015

Open-access publishing alternatives are getting a lot of attention across all 10 University of California campuses and throughout academia. Now, the UC Press is joining the movement with new open-access programs for journal and monograph publishing.

Collabra, an open-access mega journal, and Luminos, an open-access monograph publication platform, will expand options for researchers who want to make their scholarship open to the public. Both initiatives are backed by respected groups of scholars from all over the world who will serve as advisory board members, editors, authors and reviewers.

Collabra, launched earlier this month, will initially focus on three core fields of study: life and biomedical sciences; ecology and environmental science; and social and behavioral sciences. Based on an innovative funding model, Collabra is the first open-access journal created to share research and acknowledge the value of contributions made by the research community through the review process.

Approximately one-fourth of the $875 article publication charge is set aside for editors and reviewers who can then decide to accept the money, pay it back into a Collabra waiver fund or pay it forward to another library/institutional open-access fund.

Changes in academic publishing over the past several years have threatened the existence of the academic monograph. With the launch of Luminos, the UC Press is working to ensure the longevity of monographic publishing by creating a more sustainable funding model while maintaining the same rigorous review process it has used for more than 120 years.

Publishing with Luminos offers scholars search-optimized, open, digital editions for greater reach and discoverability, as well as the option for print with individual cover designs.

The following videos are available:

For more information about publishing in Collabra or Luminos, please contact the UC Press or email Susan Mikkelsen