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UC Releases Report That Counters State Auditor’s Findings

March 30, 2016

The University of California released a report this week countering a report from the California State Auditor’s office.

UC’s "Straight Talk on Hot-Button Issues: UC Admissions, Finances and Transparency," directly addresses assertions contained in the audit by providing data that show how University policies and practices favor California resident students.

The report also summarizes how UC adheres to the Master Plan for Higher Education by offering spaces to all eligible California students who apply to UC, and how its stewardship of public funds is equitable and transparent.

As required by state law, UC was shown a draft copy of the audit report earlier this month. The UC decided to issue its own report because it strongly believes the state audit consistently failed to consider key facts and data during the audit process.

“We welcome collaboration with our state’s elected leaders,” UC President Janet Napolitano wrote in a letter accompanying the University’s response to the audit. “Ours is a shared responsibility and California’s Legislature and governor are valued partners and supporters. Accordingly, the University of California approached this audit process in a spirit of cooperation, transparency and goodwill. Unfortunately, the draft report that has been shared with us makes inferences and draws conclusions that are supported neither by the data nor by sound analysis.”

This year the University will further expand its commitment to Californians by enrolling 5,000 more in-state undergraduates than in 2014-15, with plans to enroll an additional 5,000 California undergraduates in the following two years.

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