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UCOP Launches Website to Address Cybersecurity, Privacy Concerns

February 3, 2016

Since the cyberattack at UCLA Health last summer, the University of California has adopted enhanced security measures to protect the entire UC system from such attacks.

Recently, a group of faculty members at UC Berkeley expressed concerns to media and colleagues at other campuses about some of the enhanced security measures adopted in the wake of the UCLA cyberattack. They question whether systemwide cyberthreat detection is necessary and whether it complies with the university’s Electronic Communications Policy (ECP).

Cyberattacks are a serious risk to personal privacy and present reputational and financial risks. UC is protecting the integrity of the sensitive data entrusted to all campuses and other locations. To assist in answering questions and concerns, UCOP launched a new website that discusses the efforts to balance privacy and security.

The enhanced security measures do not include review of individual email content. In addition, there is and has been ongoing faculty and campus consultation regarding steps taken to counter cyber threats to locations across the UC system. The Office of the President acted in partnership with all campuses and other locations across the system. Furthermore, the UC Academic Senate and other campus voices across the system have been included on the Cyber-Risk Governance Committee guiding the university’s strategy.

Additional information, including a list of frequently asked questions and letters from President Janet Napolitano and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rachael Nava, is posted on the website.