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UCPath Update

September 10, 2014

Wondering what's happening with the UCPath project? Here's the the most recent news:

  • With our campus’s Payroll Time Reporting system being replaced with the new Time Reporting System (TRS), UC Merced will be one step closer to integrating with UCPath.
  • UC Merced’s UCPath project team is currently reviewing our local business processes in Human Resources, Academic Personnel, payroll and financial management and designing business process maps (flow charts) that will coincide with UCPath’s 100-plus approved systemwide business process maps.  Campus constituents will be invited to participate in focus groups to assist in the process.
  • The UCPath Center, located in Riverside, is hiring and training employees to provide outstanding service and operations to support  university’s faculty and staff members and student employees.  The center will employ more than 400 people by the time it is operational.
  • UCPath is a priority for UC President Janet Napolitano. It will replace UC’s 35-year-old Payroll/Personnel System and create a single payroll, benefits and human resources service to serve more than 84,000 employees. Business processes for all UC locations will be streamlined and standardized using new technology and a shared services center located in Riverside. Employees will be able to submit questions, track requests, search for information and review or change certain information directly in the system.

For more about UCPath, visit the University of California’s UCPath website and UC Merced’s UCPath website or email your questions to ucpath@ucmerced.edu.