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Undergraduate Graduation Rates Hit Record Highs

January 21, 2014

Have you ever wondered who leaves UC Merced and when? Retention and graduation rates by entering freshmen and transfer cohorts are updated annually by Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS), fornerly Institutional Planning and Analysis. Rates are broken out by gender, ethnic group and other student characteristics.

Several cohort groups recorded their highest graduation rates in UC Merced’s history:

Entering Freshmen

Four-Year Graduation Rates
Fall 2009 cohort: 36.7 percent

Five-Year Graduation Rates
Fall 2008 cohort: 55.2 percent

Six-Year Graduation Rates
Fall 2007 cohort: Hispanic - 61 percent

Entering Transfer Students

Three-Year Graduation Rates
Fall 2010 cohort: 69.2 percent

Four-Year Graduation Rates
Fall 2009 cohort: Males: 74.4 percent

Additionally, other cohort subgroups — including Hispanic, Pell Grant recipients and first-generation students — also recorded their highest graduation rates. Visit the IRDS website to see all retention and graduation rate data for freshmen and transfer students.