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April 24, 2015


UC Merced's reserve is the newest member of the UC Natural Reserve System, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
More than 80 people turned out for UC Natural Reserve System Day at UC Merced.


Ramona Dai'Re keeps track of one of UC Merced's most valuable assets: space.


More than 75 faculty, staff and student attendees were honored at UC Merced's fifth annual Outstanding Women's Luncheon. The event recognizes women who invest in the success of other women.
Brad LeVeck's study was the first to include laboratory bargaining experiments with people who make real-world decisions on the international stage, including former members of Congress and top U.S. Cabinet officials.
Healthy psychology student Holly Rus analyzed more than 500 posts on diabetes-related support pages on Facebook, looking at attributes that could be used to predict not just overall user engagement, but specific types of engagement.
With the new system, staff members will complete their annual performance appraisals online. Training on the new system begins in late May or early June.

Human Resources

The Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP) is accepting applications for mentors and mentees and will mark its second year at UC Merced.

Business and Financial Services

Learn about purchase procedure updates and give feedback to the university's buyers and commodity managers during the monthly Procurement Services meeting.


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