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March 2, 2017


UC Merced readies for the annual celebration of one of the campus's main missions, along with education and public service — research.
A hand holds up for display a petri dish with microorganisms.


This is a reminder that the deadline to complete mandatory online cybersecurity awareness training for most UC Merced employees is Monday (March 6).
Susana Ramirez and her students are working to improve public health in the region.
A study by Susana Ramirez and Zulema Valdez found that many people in the San Joaquin Valley can't afford fresh, quality produce or live too far from grocery stores, farmers markets and other sources.
Shilpa Khatri
By looking at the air and water flows around marine and land-dwelling crabs, applied mathematics Professor Shilpa Khatri and two colleagues are learning how the noseless creatures detect food, mates and enemies.
Professor Fabian V. Filipp wears a white lab coat while conducting research in a lab.
UC Merced Professor Fabian V. Filipp is further developing his work on precision targeting of cancers and personalized medicine.
Flags for the State of California, the United States and the University of California fly in the wind at UC Merced.
The project is designed to develop a systemwide vision regarding academic and enrollment growth and the resources needed to ensure each campus will continue to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and public service.

In the News

Yuriana Aguilar, the first undocumented student to earn a Ph.D. at UC Merced, attended the address as the guest of California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Library Notes

A history professor recently donated more than 2,000 books to the UC Merced Library.


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