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December 4, 2015


The campus community has a number of ways to give back to students and the Merced community — and it started with Giving Tuesday, which raised $250K for scholarships and programs.
Balloons and a banner are used to promote the Giving Tuesday campaign at UC Merced.


Christopher Ramirez’s journey from film school to teaching writing has taught him many life lessons.


UC Merced is hosting an all-day symposium called “Southeast Asian American Legacies," including two free theater performances, in part as a precursor to the opening of the Hmongstory 40 exhibit in Fresno on Dec. 12.
UC Merced's campus community can still show just how "cool" the campus is during the last week of the systemwide Cool Campus Challenge. The competition ends Dec. 10.
UC Merced graduates Steven Duval Ruilova and Michael Urner have a passion for science and they are working to generate that same passion among local students.
With 75 volunteers, including Phyllis Enea, the Building Safety Coordinator program enhances the campus's ability to respond to emergencies. The program launched in 2011.
Award-winning composer Jimmy Dunne has attempted to capture the essence of UC Merced in the campus’s official alma mater. He has earned more than 70 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums.
Professor Ajay Gopinathan's lab studies collective movement among various animal species for future applications in areas like robotics and biofilm formation and how collective behavior systems deal with disorder.

Human Resources

Employees are reminded of the upcoming campus closure dates, and the Board of Regents recently approved several changes to the UC Retirement Plan.


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