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November 30, 2012


UC Merced's campus community is finding ways to help the hungry and children have happier holidays.
Campus Community Gives Back During Holiday Season

Message from Leadership

UC Merced's Academic Senate committees have hit the ground running this year. Everyone has been busy with both local and systemwide issues, even though the school year has barely begun.


Dining Services Director Jason Souza has big plans for the new year, including more support for sustainability and more student training.


Professor Linda Hirst and Merritt Writing Program Assistant Director Paul Gibbons are teaching students how to communicate scientific ideas while giving the students experience being published.
Professor Michael Dawson and graduate student Liza Gómez Daglio contributed their expertise in jellyfish to an attempt to accurately estimate the number of species on the world's oceans.
In the spring, everyone on the UC Merced campus will be asked to participate in a confidential survey to reveal how people feel about the campus's climate of tolerance and inclusion.
UC Merced graduate students find exciting experiences, people and discoveries that fuel their imagination and propel their work.

Human Resources

Learn more about upcoming professional development training, employee resources and the 2012-13 campus closure dates from Human Resources.

Business and Financial Services

Read about the new UCPath center in Riverside, an upcoming risk-services event, the benefits of IntelForms, training and other information from Business and Financial Services.

Survey Says

Updated data on undergraduate students and first-time freshmen by county and region is now available and may be helpful when creating letters, stories, grants submissions and such.


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