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December 14, 2016


In another milestone-filled year, UC Merced gained national acclaim and broke ground on an unprecedented expansion plan.
UC Merced students walk through the Beginnings sculpture at the start of the 2016-17 academic year


Funded by a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and led by UC Merced, a new project aims to target crops' water needs at the plant level.
Friends, students and colleagues honored Jennifer Mendiola during a campus ceremony Dec. 12. The 35-year-old psychology graduate student, who died Dec. 2, was in the process of finalizing her dissertation proposal.
A new study published in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology shows that while hospitals can be breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, they are also important in stopping the evolution of resistant bacteria.
More than 160 UC Merced employees were honored earlier this month for their years of service during the university's annual Celebrating Service ceremony.
Faculty and staff members made up almost 30 percent of the individual donors in this year's record-breaking giving event.
Students will have important roles to play and opportunities to provide input as the campus works through details of its expansion plan.
University of California announced that it will vigorously protect the privacy and civil rights of the undocumented members of the UC community and will direct its police departments not to undertake joint efforts with any government agencies to enforce federal immigration law.

In the News

Governing Magazine finds Merced as the metropolitan area with the highest personal income growth since 2012, and credits much of that growth to the presence of UC Merced.

Build UC Merced

Even when the campus is closed for the break, work will continue on the Merced 2020 Project.

Library Notes

A new service allows UC Merced researchers to more easily archive their data and make it available to the public.

Tech Corner

The Office of Information Technology has a planned internet outage scheduled to accommodate 2020 construction, and it offers CrashPlan, an automatic backup service.

Survey Says

The 2016 UCUES survey results show how undergraduate students feel about campus climate, diversity and inclusion.


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