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December 6, 2013


A new grant-funded program will work to unite transfer students so they feel a sense of community in order to increase retention and time to degree completion.
Grant Helps Strengthen Transfer Student Experience


Jim Dooley serves as head of the library’s collection services and is the campus archivist. Like many others who’ve joined the campus, one reason Dooley wanted to come to UC Merced was to be part of building a new research university.


While UC Merced’s campus community is busy preparing for the end of the semester and calendar year, it’s also a time when many faculty and staff members and students take on other important projects: helping others in need.
The bloodmobiles will be back on campus Monday. In September, the UC Merced community potentially saved the lives of 696 people in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond by donating blood to BloodSource.
UC Merced will send its first undergraduate to the multinational Chevron corporation for a summer internship in 2014. The opportunity came through Professor Ashlie Martini’s connections with the multinational company.

Human Resources

Human Resources is converting a number of to an electronic format that supports electronic signatures and routing.

Library Notes

Arts and education research will benefit from library's new upgrades.

Business and Financial Services

Trainings and services from BFS are available through the coming month.

Survey Says

Graduate students who have been enrolled at UC Merced for at least a year were invited to participate in a survey to gauge their educational and personal experiences on campus.


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